Monday, January 2, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Places To Camp In Modern Warfare 3

As my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bracketed callsign indicates (Number zero, or [#0]), I do not think highly of my game. Despite a few lucky head-shots and Semtex sticky blasts you'll most often see me spinning around in circles racking up my death count and ruining any chance of our team winning a match.

After playing the game for about fifty hours since purchase I can tell you that all of what I have learned comes courtesy of the more experienced players. Through years of practice, the seasoned COD player knows where to find every hidden grassy knoll or shadowed corner. They wait and stalk, quietly hovering above the trigger button. Moving slowly, they wait to hear your footsteps until, just like that, you're shot dead. Then they move on.

I choose not to.

Not only because it's the only way I can get multiple kills, but because I'm still awful at this game after hours of practice. Also, I find it incredibly funny to provoke someone I may have killed four times from hiding in the same spot for five minutes.

So, for all of you cowardly assholes looking for some easy kills and hearty laughs I present you with my top 5 favorite places to camp in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:

#5.) Map: DOME. Specific Camping Location: There's a grassy corner right near the giant dome that you can squat in for almost the entire match and average at least three kills. It's near two exit/entrances and there's a third one up towards the left.

#4.) Map: MISSION. Specific Camping Location: Near two barrels you can set up shop where most of the action happens in this map. Much like the Dome camping space, you have enemies flying in from all over. They're usually running up and down the hill in front of you as well as coming from across the bridge to your left.

#3.) Map: HARDHAT. Specific Camping Location: In the middle of the map you've got everyone's favorite underground sewer. Sit atop it at any point during the game and you can kill people coming out of it or anyone coming from the enclosed area to the right.

#2.) Map: ARKADEN. Specific Camping Location: This one almost made my #1 pick. Here you're hidden in the center of the action with enemies spawning right in front of that entrance. Most of the seasoned players will come from behind and knife you but I find it worth the risk. I can't tell you how many people never look there and run to your right just waiting to be sniped.

#1.) Map: CARBON. Specific Camping Location: Making #1 on my list is this enclosed area located in the left corner of the map. It's great because nobody can run behind you and if you're fast enough you can kill anything that runs/walks by. Careful though, after you kill the same guy a third time he will be frustrated and may start throwing grenades from every angle to try and oust you. This spot will guarantee you at least 6 or 7 kills during a match and provide loads of laughs.