Thursday, February 23, 2012

Duct Duct Goose

To save time, here is a brief run down of the amusing things that have happened since January 2nd, 2012, the last time this space was updated.

Self-Inflicted Car Accident: When you go off course (go to work on your off day, text the wrong person, etc;) you're prone to something awful happening. I proved this theory a few weeks ago when we drove to the wrong location while scouting for wedding reception halls. As we were leaving to drive towards the correct address my front bumper got snagged on the curb, made a loud noise, and flipped up and inside out. There were two kids walking home from school who witnessed all this happening and acted appropriately, laughed heartily while staring at me. Our friend Victor gave us white duct tape as a housewarming gift (?) seven months ago and it finally came in handy:

Made New Friends: For those of you who read this blog religiously, the How Y'all Doin' Today guy that roams our apartment complex and was once found shaving outside in the back parking lot had a long conversation with me about music. I rolled up one night blasting some CCR and he told me that was a great way to end the work day. We talked about music for twenty minutes and I surprised him with my knowledge of Chess Records' artists like Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf.

Video Games: Gave up on Call of Duty, went back to Fallout 3. Every now and then I continue to embarrass myself playing Dance Central 2, but that's a private matter and will offer no further details.

Sticking Around: Got these songs stuck in my head over the past month:

Consider Yourself - Oliver Soundtrack
Laid Back by White Horse
Hoedown by Aaron Copland
Fly Like an Eagle by Seal

That's all for now. See you in another 40 days!