Friday, December 30, 2011

The 96%, More or Less

Count me in.

Speaking of wishful thinking, here's what I demand/expect from the upcoming 2012:

1. More courteous thank-you hand gestures when I let people merge.

2. Less sodium intake.

3. More reflection on the music I bought ten years ago. More listening to that music in my car and remembering how much Fantastic Damage changed my taste in Hip-Hop and music in general.

4. Less Tebowing from everyone.

5. More grilled asparagus and exotic beer tasting.

6. Less time spent having to use my current pair of glasses.

7. More Dodger games attended.

8. Less worrying about the roots slowly decaying from beneath my molars.

9. More time off from work spent with the Mrs.

10. Less cutting people off mid-sentence. Not sure how I picked this up but it's a dick move and I've already cut back.

11. More of a routine around health checks. Medical benefits being wasted every month is nonsense.

12. Less jury duty.

13. More movie watching and less TV show watching. There's so much I still haven't caught up on.

14. Less people blocking the driveway.

15. More visits to Seal Beach.

16. Less TVs falling on my head in the warehouse.

17. More priority around updating IEC and reminding myself how fun it is to write.

Be safe you filthy animals!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jingle Jingle Jingle

With just two hours until most of Los Angeles visits a Catholic church for midnight mass I think now is the time to finally step away from getting pwned in Call of Duty to spruce up the joint.

*spruce spruce*

The year shaped up nicely. The Dodgers will be McCourt-less in 2012, I survived another year of retail turmoil, and my girlfriend (now fiancee) of two years said she's up to the challenge of dealing with my forgetful squirrel-like attention span and deplorable kitchen sink sponge habits for an eternity (awww.)

Man. I love this part of It's A Wonderful Life. George Bailey goes nuts on Uncle Billy and pulls him up by his jacket collar to yell at him, then he just flipped out on his kids, threw a bunch of stuff around in their living room and the youngest one is crying at the piano. I have closed captioning on which made it even better:

Oh daddy. ... [sobbing]

Sorry about that. Anyways, as I was saying, 2011 was a lot of fun. I didn't have to get any more gallbladders taken out, there were no major car accidents, we moved into a new place, lost some weight, gained a little back over these past two weeks, got some really cool Christmas presents, spent some quality time with old friends when I could, found an ice cream fudge bar that I like, sold a ton of stuff on eBay for decent money, destroyed friends and family on WordsWithFriends, ate some zucchini, flew to Albuquerque, renewed my license, broke away from Facebook, and last month I finally completed Fallout: New Vegas.

Here's to a all of you having a great holiday. 'Til next time.