Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lakers, Kings, Other Things.

I'll catch up with The Office tomorrow. Until then, here are the quick details after a Thursday night of nothing but sports.

NCAAF - Miami vs. Georgia Tech. Highlight: Mark "The 'X' Is Silent" Teixeira and Jason Varitek on the sidelines rooting for Georgia Tech. The cameraman zoomed in on Varitek's haircut. Didn't finish the game, didn't have to.

NFL - Bengals vs. Steelers: Snow everywhere. Pretty fun until the Bengals remembered they were the Bengals.

NBA - Pistons vs. Celtics: I wish Rasheed Wallace would just fight Allen Iverson for no particular reason. You could make a graphic novel out of all their tats thrown together.

NBA - Lakers vs. Suns: Lakers Win! But really, the real winner is you after you watch this video.

NHL - Capitals vs. Kings: Ovechkin-shmetchkin, Kings win 5 to 2. This game was pretty intense. Kings came out storming the Caps and played inspired the rest of the game. Dustin Brown had a sweet goal. I still can't see the puck on TV.

Also, be sure to visit The Onion as they've updated the Sports section.
Best Headline: "Mariners Eliminated From MLB Off-Season".

  • Pittsburgh Sportswriter Had Jack Wilson as NL MVP
    • Mariners Eliminated From MLB Off-Season
    • O. J. Mayo Makes Sure No One's Looking Before Putting Sweatband On Penis
    • Carson Palmer Refers To Tie As 'Like Kissing Your Brother'
  • Pittsburgh Sportswriter Had Jack Wilson as NL MVP
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