Thursday, December 25, 2008

Celtics @ Lakers: Live Blog!

3 Minutes left. A Celtic on the ground and a tie score. It's time to test my Live Blog skills.

2:57: That Nike commercial has an awesome beat. Also, Paul Pierce wishes us a Merry Christmas. Very original.

2:Something: Gasol knocks down open shot, declares Los Angeles part of Spain.

2:00: Gasol for another shot thanks to a pass by Kobe. Yes, Kobe passed it! 85-81 Lakers.

1:44: Double foul. Wait, what. Nevermind, who is this Rondo guy?

1:28: Gasol again! Spania Es Esploding. Lakers leading by 5.

1:19: Glimpse of Jeff Van Gundy, look away from your TV.

1:16: Gasol blocked it! Ariza dunked it! ABC showed it!

57.2: Laker crowd forming the word ARIZA in the stands.

41.0: Kobe banks it in. Gasol fuming that he didn't score that.

10.0: Ariza the rebound, pulls out clover, eats it. The game is over, Lakers win 92-83.

0:00: Kobe sweating all over the ABC/ESPN microphone during interview. Gross.

0:00: Lamar Odom is still on the court waiting to be interviewed.

What a finish. I just realized that Gasol sort of resembles Howard Stern. Thankfully I didn't Live Blog the entire game or I'd have to mention that Luke Walton is still on the team and find a way to describe his air balls.

My neighbors just shot off a firework. That's my cue to exit.

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