Thursday, December 18, 2008

David Gets Plural

Here's David with Picks for the Week, including a Top 10 list that does not include the top ten toppings to put on a pizza. En-yoy...

Since there isn't anything I really can say is a must have this week, here are some picks from stuff you've never heard of:

The Wonde​rful Wizar​d of OZ - Eric Shano​wer and Skott​ie Young​ retel​l the origi​nal tale,​ which​ I never​ actua​lly read,​ and it's charm​ing as all hell.​ If you even know a kid, you shoul​d buy them this book.​

Waste​land - Not enoug​h peopl​e read this book by Anton​y Johns​on and Chris​tophe​r Mitte​n.​ You shoul​d.​ The third​ trade​ just came out. Read it befor​e the fall of manki​nd,​ so you know what'​s comin​g.​

Phono​gram:​ The Singl​es Club - Just like the previ​ous mini,​ it's brill​iant,​ but this one is in color​,​ and so it's even brill​iante​r.​ Seek it out.

As promised here are my top ten graphic novel's of all time, some are part of a series and some are stand alone

10. Kingdom Come- Superman causes armageddon, I think that speaks for itself. If that isn't enough it's all hand painted by alex ross

9. Daredevil: Guardian Devil- Written by kevin smith and this book started the Marvel knights line, it's definitely the best daredevil I ever read

8. Walking Dead- From image comics it's your typical zombie story but the end of the first issue the sheriff's 8 year old kid shoots his former best friend

7. Dark Knight Returns- Frank Millers batman masterpiece, that's all I should say

6. Batman: The Killing Joke- If you liked the dark knight then this is the book that inspired that joker. Best part is you can usually find this for under 10 bucks.

5. Wolverine: origin- This really brought back the character to life, it tells the true beginning of wolverine. the relationship between him and sabertooth is no what you would think. Fact wolverine's real name is actually james howlett

4. Green Lantern: Emerald twilight- Hal Jordan proves what a badass he is and kills the entire green lantern corps

3. x-men: age of apocalypse- In a world with no professor x, apocalypse controls the planet and everything is not as it should be. Wolverine is missing a hand and cyclops is missing an eye. Magneto leads the x men.

2. Watchmen- If you havent read it, read it. This book started showing costumed super heroes in a light never seen before, making them rapist and murders. The book is one big moral question and was way ahead of it's time

1. Punisher kills the marvel universe- The title says it all, and he kills everyone from captain america to wolverine. It cost less than 5 bucks.


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