Sunday, December 21, 2008

Results: 67% Human, 33% Dancer

I'm in the process of learning guitar. Currently, strings 1, 2, and 3 have been mastered for the most part. Songs such as "Ode To Joy", "Jingle Bells", and "Yankee Doodle" have also been perfected and can be played upon request. Thanks to everyone at work who initially laughed when I announced that I learned "Ode To Joy" and then proceeded to show me how to play music I actually like (Note: Free music lessons from all of you = now who's laughing.)

Haven't had too much time to get to new music lately, but the new Killers song "Human" is heavy on my Insigniapod's rotation right now. I don't mind the other singles or songs I've heard from them, but I can't put down this track. As with any song I can't get out of my head, dissecting the lyrics is all I have left. My guess is that the "dancer" is a reference to the notion that we may be products of someone else's reality. That maybe we don't know what or who controls us as we move towards an uncontrollable destiny that is mapped out by our instincts and core emotions or feelings (grace, virtue, good, romance; all mentioned in the lyrics).

Now, if you think that's gay enough, you can stop reading. If not, I took to the message boards for some other insight:

"So I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you are in fact asking whether you (we?) are human or, uh, dancers. Which brings me to my second complaint: What's with the false choice? Yo, Brandon, no offense, but most dancers are generally human."

"I don't think it refers to the artistic dancer. It could refer to politics, or beings that 'dance' around the truth or central issues. (I'm not familiar with all the lyrics of the song) The artistic dancer attempts to be original, think out of the box, and not be "programmed". "

"The Killers have their right to poetic, literary, and grammatical license, but for me, personally, it actually really bothers me to wrap my mind around "Are we dancer?" Not because I don't "get" the reference- I think all the people smugly congratulating themselves about Thompson have pounded it in- but because it doesn't parse. I don't think it would have made that great a poetic/literary difference to put an S at the end of "dancer," but it would have made a world of logical difference."

"too bad you dumbasses don't get it.. are we humans with a soul and feelings or are we dancers programmed to stay in line and follow...... GET A CLUE IDIOTS!!!!"

"It's clear that The Killers single ‘Human’ is a reference to the Brandon Flowers own death .. quite simply he's asking if we are physical or spirit and is wondering what the answer will be when he dies .. 'Dancer' is a reference to spirit (native American I believe) .. The verses outline Brandon’s imagined encounter with death and part of how he would want to say goodbye .. always leading back to the question ‘are we physical or are we spirit’ .."

So, most of the grief this song has caught from Internuts is the fact there is no "s" at the end of dancer. I wish I could post all of the complaints, but you don't have that much time. At least know this rule: You can't point to grammatical errors if your user ID is RawkBoi4Lyfe.

As for other new music, I'm up for suggestions. And David, please don't suggest Enya or the soundtrack for Mama Mia!

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