Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Clear Channel: (Not) Feelin' You!

Clear Channel has made some big changes at Fox Sports Radio, and a lot of them were done in Los Angeles.

The Loose Cannons is no more. Mychal Thompson was booted from the trio and there's still no word as to whether or not he'll still be covering Laker games at their new home, ESPN 710. Clear Channel is adding Chris Myers (of FOX Saturday Baseball) with Steve Hartman and Vic Jacobs and sending that show nationwide. This probably means the end of Vic "The Brick" Jacobs as I'm sure the entire country will not embrace "Feelin' You!" the way people in Los Angeles have.

Petros & Money still have their gig, but they too will be going nationwide and replace the spot formerly held by Andrew Siciliano and Krystal Fernandez. I'm happy for Petro because he's a good on-air personality and probably highlights the best show on KLAC right now, but he admits to favoring local broadcasting over national because he's all about So Cal. If you've heard him and Money fill in for Rome during the holidays, I'm sure it won't be too bad, but we will miss out on a lot more local stories and breaking news.

The worst part of all the changes, though, is the axing of Ben Maller (again). He hosted the nightly show here in Los Angeles when I was in high school, then got fired, then was rehired for the third shift on Fox some time after. Maller puts on a great show and can handle a good balance of local talk with national topics. He used to bring up things I'd heard earlier on Howard Stern so that was kind of cool. Plus he's probably the biggest Dodger fan on sports talk radio so you always got balanced opinions.

Thanks to SportsByBrooks for the news, for more click here.

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