Saturday, January 24, 2009

Michael Eve - January 24th

Michael Eve should not to be confused with Christmas Eve (day before Christmas), Daniel Eve (day before Danielmas), Abel Eve (day before Abelmas), or even David Eve, Carlos Eve, Chita Eve, Noe Eve, Victor Eve or Mario Eve (days before Davidmas, Carlosmas, Chitamas, Noemas, Victormas, and Mariomas).

Michael Eve is also not this guy:

No. Michael Eve is the day before the birth of Michael (or MikeO if said quickly/cutely). It is a grand holiday that prepares you for the let down that is Michaelmas. It is a day in which the celebrated one works tirelessly helping consumers decide which Dynex memory card reader to buy only to be rewarded later with an endless bounty of Swedish Fish and Aquafina. Michael Eve is also shared with Alicia Keys Eve, as both are celebrated similarly (replace Swedish Fish and Aquafina with Sour Patch Kids and Vitamin Water).

Several celebreties were born on Michael Eve, including Mike Awesome, Yakov Smirnoff, Neil Diamond, John Belushi, Tatyana Ali (Ashley!), Tom Kostopoulus, and Scott Kazmir.

No gifts are prepared or wrapped. No coasters are used and no gyros are eaten.

Instead, those participating in the holiday may simply adhere to the following:
  • Watch at least 10 minutes of any Back to the Future movie
  • Browse some sports websites or tech-savy blogs
  • Find out if that girl you like is working at Trader Joe's today
  • Drink something of coldish consistency
Happy Michael Eve you fucks!

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