Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Talkin' Baseball

Scooter, we hardly knew ye.

The article regarding Scooter the talking baseball and his current whereabouts will not be published tonight (postponed until March). Instead, here's a take on a few things baseball related that have happened so far in the oh-nine.
  • The MLB Network: Finally, a place where baseball analysts come together in a field replica studio somewhere in Seacaucus, New Jersey. Bob Costas led things off with an interview with Don Larsen and Yogi Berra, and surprisingly we havn't seen the Costas since. I expected he'd be in as many segments as possible considering his history and love for the game. Without him, we're treated to hourly hot stove updates featuring Al Leiter's pupil-less eyes, Tom Verducci's Danny Tanner smile, and Barry Larkin's neverending forehead. Ken Burns showed up in that weird haircut, but has blessed the network with the okay to air his specials from PBS. Everything was going great until they held batting practice in studio 42 with BJ Upton...

  • JC Romero Suspended 50 Games: If you can forget about him being a stupid Phillie, you'll be just as outraged as the rest of us regarding this suspension. Apparently he wanted to use a supplement from GNC, made sure the supplement was approved by MLB, took the supplement, then was told by the MLB that they made a mistake about it being approved and said it was illegal. Oups! More about this story here.
  • Travis Hafner Cleared To Begin Hitting Soon: Three words; look out Barry.
  • Original Angels Rally Monkey Dies Of Heart Failure: Just kidding.
  • Charlie Steiner Off Dodgers TV Broadcast: This story flew by pretty fast, but Steiner will only be doing the radio broadcast of Dodger games outside of the NL West division. His replacement has yet to be named, but the rumor from my sources (the internet) were pointing towards Jeanne Zelasko. She's already expressed interest in the job. She's also married to this guy:

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