Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome Back, Jeff Weaver.

The Dodgers announced today (yes, it's still 2009) that Jeff Weaver has been signed to a minor league deal, with the intentions of him being a relief pitcher. I'm not really sure how to comment, so I'll leave you all with this fun fact via Wikipedia:

"In August, 2003, ebay member "freerangeveal" attempted to sell Weaver on eBay. The auction appeared the day after Weaver gave up 11 runs against the Kansas City Royals. The auction lasted for one day, and the bidding reached the ebay limit and record of $99,999,999.00 before it was removed as against eBay policy."

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The other pride of inglewood said...

Weaver, Estes and wolf, man all we need now is a time machine to take us back to 2000 and the dodger rotation will be dishing out fucking pwnage!