Monday, March 9, 2009

Surfin' USA: Second Edition

The next official blog is coming soon, so in the mean time here is my second list of recommended links mostly from today:
  • The Onion: Area Man Thinks He Was Fired Because of Recession [link]
  • AP News: More Americans Say They Have No Religion [link]
  • AwfulAnnouncing: Jeanne Zelasko Not Invited To Dodger Tryout [link]
  • SportsByBrooks: TBS Cancels 'Frank TV' (Yes!) [link]
  • DeadlineHollywood: Watchmen's $55 Million Gains First Place (Madea Goes To Jail a close second) [link]
  • The Vatican: Washing Machine Responsible For Liberating Women [link]
And Pic-of-the-Week goes to Ghostbusters vs. Jesus, courtesy of Topless Robot: [large image]

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