Monday, March 30, 2009

You've Watched The Sopranos Too Many Times When...

I was on three hours of sleep the last two days and apparently it took a toll on my unconsciousness. In thirty seconds, here's what went down in last night's dream:
While playing on a local golf course I casually run into Chevy Chase. He was excited to see me because he mistook me for the voice actor behind Bart Simpson. While pretending to be a huge fan of his work, he said he was an even bigger fan of mine. He rolled up his sleeves and made me sign his giant arm, writing my name and then in huge letters "Voice of Bart Simpson" beneath it while he explained his son was a huge fan. We ended up going to some kind of golf after party with tons of fancy ladies and I eventually woke up.
To recap: golf course, Chevy Chase, mistaken identity, Bart Simpson, giant bicep/forearm, after party.

I'll let all of you deal with this one while I prepare my March Madness apology blog.

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