Sunday, June 7, 2009

Carlos Beltran (Abel) to Pirates: You Suck!

Dodgers/Giants, Yankees/Red Sox, and Cubs/Cardinals will pale in comparison to the soon to be rivalry of Pirates/Mets.

You'd think Andre Ethier's back-to-back walk off wins would make top billing this Sunday morning, but instead the leading story for IEC comes courtesy of which has shed light on recent comments by Abel err Carlos Beltran and Adam LaRoche. Read:

>> Earlier this week, the Mets were swept by the perennially pathetic Pirates, and that didn’t sit well with some of the New York players. Centerfielder Carlos Beltran went as far as to call it an embarrassment, adding, “I know they’re a big-league ball club, but we’re better than them.

In return, such conceited comments didn’t please some of the Pittsburgh players, particularly Adam LaRoche. As far as the Pirates first baseman is concerned, Carlos is like school in summertime - no class.

With the Pirates down in Houston, the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE caught up with LaRoche to get Adam’s angry response to Beltran’s bellyaching:

I think it shows zero class and zero professionalism,” the Pirates’ first baseman said yesterday at Minute Maid Park. “When somebody says that, they know what they’re saying, and they know it’s going to get out. He knows we’re not going to be real happy about it. If you go and say that to your buddies, it’s one thing. If you go to the media and make that public for us to hear? Yeah, that’s no class.”

But LaRoche saved his best lashing-out for last:
You know, if we’re as bad as he says we are and we swept them, then what’s that make them? <<


Simply awesome.

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