Monday, June 1, 2009

Live Blogging @ 11:30pm: Conan's Debut

11:20pm: Local anchor Fritz Coleman interviewing Conan, thanks to Fernando for the tip.
11:22pm: Just as I was beginning to wonder if Fritz still did weather on NBC, he notifies me it will be 78 degrees in Temecula tomorrow.
11:33pm: Closed captioning provided by Mathis Brothers furniture.
11:37pm: Cheap Trick's "Surrender" plays as Conan runs from NY to LA. Goodness.
11:39pm: Holy shit I forgot Andy was announcing.
11:42pm: "It's like a Backstreet Boys reunion." - "My name is now Conando."
11:49pm: Extended monologue going very well, lots to talk about. All jokes are on par. Moving onto a tram tour at Universal.
11:55pm: Cir-cle, cir-cle, cir-cle. Fucking hilarious. Can't wait to watch that again on Hulu.
12:06am: Tribute to the famous Ford Taurus. One of many Fabio cameos to come.
12:08am: Veronica owns up to crashing the blogger server and depriving millions of my important commentary. Way to go!
12:14am: Will Ferrell being his usual self, the interview gets split in two which is standard when he's there. Any time he raises his voice to yell is always entertaining. I liked his admission of using the CB radio instead of Twitter.
12:19am: "Liza's a communist."
12:25am: Pearl Jam is coming up next with a remix of "Daughter" produced by Sir Mix-A-Lot.
12:32am: What the hell was that? "I got some if you need it. I got some if you need it." This some they speak of is quantities of suck. Mario is in tears.


Not much to say other than it was a great debut and was what we've all come to expect from Conan. A few other fan sites on the east coast were asking for more Andy since they didn't know this was the first of a thousand episodes to come. Whatever, no complaints here, I'll be tuned in as much as possible. Goodnight.


Fernando said...

I'll miss Joel Godard. :'(

mrod44 said...

Hey you A-HOLE!!! Just for that I will world premier the lyrics and tabs (so you can learn to play it) on IEC! It won't be long, after the listening to it for the 27th time it's almost done.