Sunday, June 14, 2009

They'll get your car, tag your building, or break your windows.

Here are some afterthoughts from today's win:
  • Los Angeles is not the only city prone to riots following a championship win. [See here.]
  • There are never enough women involved in riots. Is it less fun to watch a Jenny or Jessica throw a firework in the middle of a crowd? Get out there, ladies!
  • Hours after the game ended you still can't hear anything other than sirens and horns.
  • Get an Mbenga Signed 8x10 on ebay for less than $20. [link]
  • I will give you the $20 needed for that Mbenga 8x10 if you can make any sense of Shaq's tweet from an hour ago: "@Flyassmill diesel dnt slurp but I do give props make and got to much to slurp, come on now u know betta dan that now smak yurself stop hidn --

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