Thursday, July 2, 2009

Artest to Lakers, Ariza to Rockets, Bear to Sandwich

You're in a movie theater. Once you find the right seat and spill a little nacho cheese it's time for previews. In three minutes a number of studios will do their best to make you want to see the full length version of an upcoming movie by featuring highlights and one-liners. Some previews are memorable. Some you'll watch and know right away there's nothing in those three minutes that will in any way interest you in seeing the full ninety. No big deal, you're just not interested. You wouldn't review a movie you never saw, no matter how bad the preview makes it look, you just know it's not for you and that's fine.

I got home tonight and checked all my bookmarked sports blogs to find these comments from J.E. Skeets over at Yahoo!'s Balls Don't Lie:

The Lakers don't need [Ron Artest]. His off-court palatables hardly matter. The Laker offense begs for players whose hands don't stick to the ball, and Ron's hands stick to the ball like no other. He's the wrong idea. He's a wasted face. He's the wrong choice.

Let that sink in.

He's the wrong choice.

The wrong choice. Really?

Ariza declined an incredibly fair offer from the Lakers. The Lakers then have the opportunity to sign a player who Ariza can only hope to become over the next few years and should pass on it because Artest probably won't fit the triangle?

I'm sorry Skeets but you havn't seen anything yet. Predictions are fine, but this is one of the league's best defenders who will be joining a team filled with great leaders (Fisher, Bryant) and with a coach (hopefully) who is known for keeping guys like Artest (See: Dennis Rodman) under control. Give it a fucking chance. Artest has more than earned it.

On a lighter note, I am including a true story that will help cheer us all up about the departure of Trevor Ariza to the Houston Rockets. Abel, this is for you:

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