Sunday, August 23, 2009

Confessional: Owning Up To Questionable MP3s

I have a confession.

I have more than one mp3 by Foreigner. While cleaning up the ole hard drive I found about four tracks and while I'm not necessarily proud of them I still can't escape the saxophone solo in the middle of Urgent. You'll be happy to know that I Want To Know What Love Is is not one of the mp3s since I get to hear it every time I shop at Albertson's. They're playing the Western Idaho Fair on Tuesday. Road trip?

In addition to Foreigner, there's way too many Avril Lavigne songs on here. I'll have to give my laptop to someone else so they can delete them for me because it ain't happening on my own terms. G0 Blue Jays! Seriously though, this isn't cool.

Stay tuned for the next confessional. Hint: It will not have to do with Hanson or Cute Is What We Aim For.


Fernando said...

Sorry Mike, not good enough. You'll have to own up to having "Scratch Perverts - Stand By.mp3"

Mike O. said...

Hahahaha, holy shit.

Anonymous said...

thats just terrible. have vanessa clean it out. she has a good taste for music. she just might put more hair bands on there and maybe even some disco or something. hahaha.