Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's All Coming Back To Me Now

We're back.

After an extended hiatus Infinite Et Cetera returns with more content, contributors, updates, and general nothingness. Spearheaded by the celebration of one man being freed from his telxon, a consensus formed that helped breathe new life into this blog and will hopefully keep it alive from here on out. While I continue writing my two-page apology for suspending the blog here's a guide that explains what to expect from IEC in the future:
  • Updates in terms of reality: The truth is I work more than I should because I'm a chump with too many bills. That just means you can expect most of my personal contributions to be posted on my off days which are usually Monday and Wednesday.
  • Features: While we may have guest contributors from time to time, the main contributors to IEC signed new contracts that meet certain deadlines for their featured articles. Here's a brief overview of what those will look like:
Contributor: David N.
Feature: Providing plenty of musings that involve comic books, food, movies, and a tentative feature known as "Tips On How To Survive With Zero Income" that may or may not include a forward by Danny A.
Updated: Weekly, possibly daily.

Contributor: Abel L.
Feature: "70's Song of the Week". Mostly ABBA songs.
Updated: Weekly.

Contributor: Danny A.
Feature: "Candy Review of the Week". More imaginative titles for the article would include I'll Take You To The Candy Shop, Danny's Candies, Psychobilly Sweet Tooth, Zombie Zugar, etc;
Updated: Weekly.
  • Telxon of Freedom Award: Finally, I've created the Telxon of Freedom award in light of recent events. Essentially it's an award that any of the contributors can use at their disposal to highlight any acts of bravery, freedom, or simply anything that is pretty awesome. This week I have personally nominated David to receive a Telxon of Freedom Award and expect an acceptance speech in the near future. Well done sir and accept your prize below...

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david nieves said...

There's a difference between working your whole life and working for something your whole life.

Making big changes is never taken lightly. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Along with hundreds of other cliches.

I could say this was all me but, I'm dedicating this award to the people who paved the way for my unemployment. Pioneers in their own way, in a time where everyone hordes, these people said " I can do without". I'm talking about candy aficionado Daniel Acuna and resident out there guy Eric Guzman.