Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unemployment Fun Zone : Come on Down!

The place: Television City Ca at the Bob Barker Studio
The when: Yesterday (Editor's Note: David means Monday December 6th and not Friday the 10th but I've been busy so eat it. David also refused to include a picture so I picked one out that we'd all enjoy.)

One of the things I've always wanted to do was be on a game show. In my kick about living life, it occurred to me, if not now, when? The experience was what I expected to get out of it, but there were so many details the TV fools people on. First the studio is no bigger than an average AMC theater and Drew Carey is thinner than me in person. As far a replacing Bob barker goes, he is an uncanny choice. When the cameras aren't rolling, he spent every spare moment getting to know his audience, even going as far as to compliment me on my "Austin Powers like crushed velvet blazer". I made a fool of my self for mediocre prizes that could easily fit in the trunk of my car, with the hope that I'll hear the phrase " a new car" or boat.

One poor people use for price is right that I stumbled across was, how great a scenario it is for a first date with someone. Crazy right? Hear me out, you spend a good two hours before the show talking to your date getting to know her. This is because that's how long it takes the show to process and interview the audience. You don't have to buy her dinner because there's no food allowed past the first gate. In this time you realize if there's a connection or if this is a one time thing. The date also includes a free 90 minute show, this consist of the actual taping, it is a lot of fun just watching this whole production and everyone should do it at least once. If by chance your called, you have a personal cheering section and hey if you win you'll probably score at the end of the date too because, lets face it chicks dig guys who win boats.

There you have it, a memorable date for the cost of fifteen bucks parking. I'd say that's an awesome thing to do for free.

Did I win you might be asking? Guess you'll all find out a month and a half from now when my episode airs.

- David N.

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