Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Letter to Sony

Dear Sony,

I'd like to thank who ever it was that fell asleep at the wheel in your security department. Your lapse has allowed my irrational fears of identity theft to be materialized. Seventy-seven million people have PlayStation Network accounts linked to a credit card and we're all looking forward to the day when we see unapproved purchases from some of our favorite stores. Hi Capital One, I'm calling to dispute the $300 in Visa Pay-As-You-Go cards that were purchased from a 7-11 in Topeka, Kansas. Thanks to you we're all second guessing that $5.99 purchase of Resident Evil 2. And what a joy it was to spend 45 minutes changing the passwords to all of my online accounts. Most people can't remember what they had for dinner yesterday and now I'm supposed to memorize the answers to all of my new security questions. In what city was I born in? Fuck you, Sony.


- Mike O.

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Ebolaboi said...

Why would you make the PSN Password the same Password to many other things? I think 2 things were the same as my PSN PW 1,2,3,4,5,6... JK! It's not entirely your fault. Nor Sony, A lot of corporations can get hacked in time and with the right people and amount of them. In 2005 my card got a hold of and this fucker booked a flight to England and bought crap at the airport. I figured it was from a site and had to get a new card and was refunded everything. It sucks, but as long as you get everything back. Sony is also refunding your new card price.