Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Great Tamale Incident

The Dodgers committed five errors today. Speaking of errors, here's something I just learned about and it should be able to distract you from today's embarrassing loss:

From SAN ANTONIO — It was called the "Great Tamales Incident" because President Gerald Ford committed a no-no by picking up a plate of tamales during an April 1976 visit to the Alamo and started to bite into one still shuck-wrapped. Then-Mayor Lila Cockrell, who was at the brief tour of the Alamo, said most people gulped when they saw Ford eating one of the tamales with the husk. "I think he just picked up the plate because if someone had given him the plate, the tamales would not have had the shucks," Cockrell said. "The president didn't know any better. It was obvious he didn't get a briefing on the eating of tamales."

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