Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shot through the heart and you're to blame, I give blogs a bad name

The last time I was here the best buy CEO thought it was a good idea to fuck secretaries and use company money on viagra, lube and ball gags, while the best buy founder thought it was an even better idea not to tell anyone. Yet somehow the geniuses steering the best buy ship better known as the dicktanic, decided it was an even better idea to pay millions of dollars to part ways with someone who was already out the door. That's like being thrown out of someone's house for fucking the babysitter and then when you're halfway down the street, the owner of the house gives you 1000 dollars and tells you they never want to see you again. 

Now that Ive gotten that out of the way on to more pressing issues, mainly everything besides work.

-First off, it was absolutely amazing to have the kings win the stanley cup, for me though, I don't think anything is going to top the 88 dodgers, although the XFL's L.A. xtreme came close.

-The Miami heat won an NBA title, I guess dreams really don't come true.

-Carl's jr gave out free burgers to anyone who dressed like spiderman on July 4th, coincidentally I was giving out free facials to ladies who dressed up as catholic school girls on that day as well.

-I know I told Mike I would do a weekly thing on here based on baseball cards, but after further consideration I realized that was way too much work on my end for this blog, sorry Mike.

-Miller lite created a beer can that allows you to puncture the top for a better pour? increase the beer to air ratio in the can? I think miller's top priority should be to create a beer that doesn't taste like miller lite.

-My attempt to update the blog and bring back the funny is like Matt Kemp at the HR derby, straight weak sauce son! I'll do better next time


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