Monday, July 23, 2012

Special Guest Blogger: Everyone's Favorite Star From 21 JumpStreet, Richard Grieco

Attention fellow bloggerinos, Booker is now on the loose! I know millions of you have been wondering what the ol' grieconator has been up to for the past 20 something years, well fear not my devoted followers, the original g-unit is here to give you the 411!

First of all the griec-dogg is in talks to get the movie studio to release "If Looks Could Kill" on Blu-Ray so be on the look out!

Okay so there is a minor setback to the whole blu-ray thing, it seems as though nobody at the studio knows who I am.

I've been in heated talks with FOX to do a remake of the TV smash "Booker" trying to get them into having it star me, seeing as how after all these years I'm still not allowed on the premises, it's prob about an 80/20 chance its a go.

Been on a mission to get Michael Bay to put me in the next "Transformers" movie as Shia's big bro, things are looking good, every time I run after, I mean into him he gives me a dollar and tells me not to waste it on booze, what a kidder.

Gonna be at the Laker season opener in a couple of months, yours truly got a job moping the wet spots on the floor, Kobe holla at cha boy!

I'll tell you what, that McDonalds dollar menu is a real godsend, a man can only eat so much top ramen.

If anyone sees that fat Deluise kid, tell him im still waiting on those 5 bucks I loaned him in '89.

That pretty much wraps it up for the Griecski and my guest bloggentary, in closing id just like to say, Hey Johnny pick up!

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