Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Drinky Crow Show

"In certain New York artistic circles the cartoonist Tony Millionaire is famous for once, at the end of a very long night, having sex with a slice of pizza." - New York Times, 05/13/2007.

I am incredibly late on this one.

Turns out the cartoon icon I've loved since that random day in 1999 when I picked up an LA Weekly is getting his own TV show. Drinky Crow, main character of the comic strip Maakies by cartoonist/loonist Tony Millionaire, will star in "The Drinky Crow Show" on adultswim this November 23rd, 2008. Mr. Millionaire announced more episodes are being worked on, which is exciting since I just got around to watching the pilot that aired last year (love the artwork/animation).

The strips can be found at and are usually filled with off brand humor and random lunacy, which, if you're in the right mood, is pretty entertaining. Plus, Tony can draw. Unfortunately, someone already beat me to the punch...

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