Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blue Moon: Fat Free Product (by Coors?)

Blue Moon is a fat free beverage, so drink up!

Side Note: A few weeks ago I wanted this in bottles but couldn't find it, not even at BevMo or Trader Joe's. Now it's available at my local Albertson's for $9.99 a 6 pack, $16.99 a 12 pack. Wikipedia says it's a seasonal promotion, so I assume it's not regularly available all year? In any event, I can't stop drinking this stuff.

Also, a friend mentioned how trendy this citrusy beer has gotten since its introduction in 1995. Today I find out it's actually made by Coors, who is helping fight the trendyness by not putting their logo on the bottle (shows Blue Moon Brewing Co. on the back). Because Coors is pretty blandly-disgusting in comparison, I'm positive they had the right idea. It'd be like you finding out your favorite song of all time was written by Usher. It's something you'd rather not know.

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opivy217 said...

i already knew that, why isn't my review up yet???