Sunday, December 14, 2008

Punisher: War Zone

The new Punisher movie is out and contributor David has blessed us with a review (and grammatical errors!) just in time for Christmas.

You'll have to forgive me if I suck at this. Much like sex, the first time can be real awkward.

Here we go. Punisher War Zone; there's two schools of people this movie will appeal to. Over the top action fans that liked Rambo, and rabid comic nerd's such as yours truly. That being said blood bath does not even begin to describe this movie. I believe someone used the words plasma explosion and that wouldn't even be spot on. I literally felt like there was blood on my clothes after I saw this movie. It's the best Punisher movie, not that it had much competition. Though Louis Gosset Jr. did have an Oscar worthy performance in his movie with Dolph Lundren .

From the first moment a bullet is fired you're thrown into a true adaptation of the Punisher's dark and violent world. I saw some of the most creative ways I've ever beheld on how to obliterate a man. In short, if your looking for Oscar caliber acting and a heart felt story watch .... just go rent Sense & Sensibility. If you are looking for one of the 5 best action movies you'll ever see then go see Punisher: War Zone. Keep in mind this movie isn't for queers who would rather sit home and watch shamwow infomercials when their friends invite them to see Punisher.


I think that means he gives it "2 Shamwows Up!". Also, plasma explosion is patent pending, so don't get any wild ideas.

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