Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stuff White People Like

I figure it's a good thing to be late on anything Internet-mania related. It gives you ample time to sort through what's good (Chocolate Rain, I like turtles) and what's bad (Use of the word "fail", "epic", or the very douchey "epic fail"). If you're one of the first hundred people to find out about that talking cats video on YouTube, you are not someone I'd like to know.

Stuff White People Like is another Internet extravaganza I showed up late to. The title is self explanatory, and the author is fairly gifted when it comes to the funny business. I've been visiting the site every other day since rediscovering it and have come to learn that it is incredibly accurate.

On the list: Girls With Bangs, Mos Def, Black Music that Black People Don't Listen To Anymore, The Onion, Being Excessively Early For Events, Classes, Meetings, Work, Parties, Etc;. That's just a taste of all the things I was checking off.

One thing I didn't check off but can admit to hearing others mention was this: Being The Only White Person Around: (excerpt) "In most situations, white people are very comforted by seeing their own kind. However, when they are eating at a new ethnic restaurant or traveling to a foreign nation, nothing spoils their fun more than seeing another white person."

While there are some things I know are not limited to white people liking (Sweaters, Bumper Stickers, Music Piracy) and things I know that this white person does not like (Facebook, Pea Coats, Hummus), the site is well written and very informative for those of you non-Whites looking to get a further look into what drives the 'Caucs.

Sidenote: Can we get someone to update Stuff Mexican People Like?


C said...

I have to agree with "Graduate School" being on the list. There's so many "caucs" in my program that this longing for seeing brownies playing soccer-tennis at a local park is constantly triggered within me.

MikeO. said...

On behalf of the 'Caucs, I'll be the first to admit we're waiting for that Jackie Robinson (you) to break the color barrier in the sport of soccer-tennis. Fight the power.

The othe pride of inglewood said...

This blog is teh epic fail, lulz, pwnd!!!!!!!!!!111111111