Monday, February 9, 2009

5 Things You Should Know About Adam Morrison

  1. Likes Tecmo Superbowl, Rage Against the Machine, and books about Che Guevara.
  2. Is never afraid to show some emotion.
  3. Idolizes Larry Bird, and other tall weird looking white guys like Dirk Nowitzki.
  4. Described by Yahoo! Sports fact page as "huge disappointment for 2 1/2 seasons".
  5. Has all the pressure on his shoulders to live up to the former Laker legend who wore #35, Mark Madsen.
UPDATE: IEC contributor The Other Pride of Inglewood is reporting that Adam will not be wearing 35. Instead, he will dawn jersey #6. Now the expectations are even greater, having to live up to the legend that was Eddie Jones. Good luck!


The other pride of inglewood said...

First of all thats 7 things, not 5. I doubt Adam and his pedophile 'stache ever wore vans to practice and since he's going to wear mad dog's 35 he should now be referred to as the mo dog. I cant wait to see him cut a rug during the championship parade, I bet the mo dog's practicing the running man as we speak.

The other pride of inglewood said...

Adam Morrison will wear No. 6 for the Lakers, telling Lakers spokesman John Black that he wanted nothing more to do with the No. 35 he struggled in for Charlotte.