Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cup Noodles and Farewell to April

Cup Noodles? Is that a fucking typo or has everyone been adding the 'O or the 'A in the middle of the title? Nobody has ever said "I'm eating Cup Noodles". I can't even eat them now knowing the title doesn't sound right.

Cup 'o Noodles. Cup-a-noodles. Never, ever Cup Noodles.

You guessed it, April was a slow month for IEC so here's what we have lined up for May:
  • Recipes, recipes, recipes.
  • An official Laker-Flag-On-Cars counter updated daily.
  • Guest contributor Danny reviews another candy bar.
  • Reviews of remaining Office episodes.
  • Other stuff.
Go May!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so am i to believe that you never read the packaging for top ramen either? cause i always say top-o-ramen. but i am mistaken my friend. its weird to say and look at. thats all.