Friday, May 1, 2009

Toyota Finds a Cute Way to Remind Me of My Lease

This is the exact e-mail I recently received from Penske Toyota, enjoy:

Dear Corolla:

"Happy Anniversary" from your friends at Penske Toyota Scion!

I hope you and Michael are getting along well and that Michael is taking good care of you. If you have any bumps and scratches, aches or pains, just come in and see us. We are here to care for you. As always if there is anything I can do, please call me at Penske Toyota Scion at 562-904-5600.

I hope you and your owner have an excellent day!

Eddie Swanenburg
General Manager
Penske Toyota Scion




telexon master lv3 said...

you should schedule a play date for your corolla I know honda civic that's just it's age

Anonymous said...

hey is that the one in downey/norwalk?? cause if it is thats where i got my car. =) its cute.

-veronica o_O