Monday, April 13, 2009

Dodgers 2009 Opening Day: O-Dog, Oh Yes!

Before the commentary/recap, have a look at future IEC contributor Mario [right circle] as he watches Orlando Hudson's third inning home run ball fly over his head [left circle]. As always, click to enlarge photo.

Outstanding effort, M-Rod!

Statistics say hitting for the cycle is less likely than throwing a no hitter. In my lifetime I didn't think I'd get to witness either of them live. Thanks to Orlando Hudson [MVP of my fantasy league team Serenity Now] I was a part of Opening Day history and most importantly Dodger history. In chronological order, here are some non-game highlights from our journey today:
  • 7:00am: You're The Best by Joe Esposito starts off the Baseball Songs Mix CD made the night before. All passengers are excited and sing along.
  • 8:24: Dorritos and Blue Moon Beer for breakfast.
  • 8:45: Rival Banda orchestras set up shop at Elysian Park. No sombreros were harmed. No white people allowed.
  • 10:40: Gates open. Honking of horns fills the morning air.
  • 12:45pm: Doves released during pre-game ceremonies flying away in fear of Randy Johnson and his fast ball.
  • 12:47: One lone dove gets caught on the left field big screen but is freed before Randy can jump up there and murder it.
  • 1:10-4:17pm: Game time. Read all about it.
  • 4:20: Parking lot madness. My horn was used without permission.
  • 4:36: Daniel falls asleep in car, his snorring upsets Gabriel.
  • 4:51: Hooligans holding up traffic are running around with vodka bottles asking random sluts in cars to take shots. I'm not player enough to participate.
  • 5:22: Abel and myself argue Journey's Don't Stop Believin' vs. Green Day's Brain Stew and which one has been overplayed more. Abel loses argument.
  • 5:40?: Arrived at Jack in the Box to receive our free Sirloin Burgers courtesy of the Dodgers winning by at least three runs. Jack in the Box Sirloin Burgers suck balls.
  • 6:30: Back at home to finish the Padres/Mets game.
Go blue!


The other pride of inglewood said...

i made your car horn my bitch!

mrod44 said...

I try to play it the way Jose Canseco would have and just like Jose it ended up going over my head.

BTW Abel wins the battle of most overplayed song.