Sunday, April 19, 2009

Early Wolverine Movie Review & David's Blah-g (Spoiler?)

While I don't agree with the layout or his apparent schism from IEC, make some time to check out David's blog that I found accidentally since he didn't tell any of us about it. It will be posted in the link section to your right.

I'm almost certain its creation was a direct response to my lack of publishing his early Wolverine movie review. I admit, I lagged it. No excuses. So, without further lagging, here is David's review unedited:


Hollywood Kills Wolverine
by David

(It’s important to note that this review is based on the early version of the movie that was leaked last week.)

Leaving the third x-men flick, I had low expectations for this movie. It did not disappoint on that level. Because of it's inconsistencies,this is not a movie for the hard-core Wolverine reader. On that level alone this move has failed in it's mission to redeem the X-Men franchise.

As a stand-alone movie it does the job of giving the audience average action scenes. Truth be told, this past weekend I saw Fast and Furious and that had much better action scenes. The best of Wolverine would actually be the fist wolverine vs. Sabertooth battle. The most disappointing character in the movie had to have been Ryan Reynolds portrayal of Wade Wilson, better known to fans of the Marvel Comics as Deadpool. The two reasons for this is because I like him as an actor and he just wasn’t in the movie enough. The other being the way the Deadpool character was massacred and turned into Baraka from Mortal Kombat. The only other character I was more disappointed with was the appearance of fan favorite Gambit. Those of us that remember the X-Men Saturday morning cartoon show on fox will be mortified by the missing quirks that make that character amazing. Even just giving him the red eyes with the black pupils would have been enough for me. The bright spot in the cast was Schreiber’s spot on performance as Wolverine’s arch nemesis Sabertooth. He truly captured the cold and viciousness of the character.

I’m going to spoil one thing, the best scene of the movie happens right before the opening credits so make sure not to miss it. The actors that played the young wolverine and Sabertooth had more chemistry together than the rest of the movie put together.

In the end, for a movie lacking character depth and a true climax that grabs the audience, it’s not the worst movie I’ve ever sat through. The minor fan boy moments are worth a singe watch. If I had an afternoon and six bucks to waste I’d see this movie.

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