Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Window to Stuart Scott's Soul

After double checking Wikipedia to make sure he doesn't suffer any debilitating eye-related disease that would make this post seem insensitive, Stuart Scott is now fair game for my commentary: He is a chameleon.

I may be in the infancy of my cable watching career, but after a solid year of having ESPN I find it hard to look at Stuart Scott, and for once I'm positive this is not your regular is-it-just-me situation. His left eye blinks independently and it's very distracting. I keep imagining him reading the teleprompter with one eye while staring at Chris Berman with the other.

While watching the ESPN NBA Playoff post-game I honestly couldn't look at the television when he was speaking. I'm trying to remember Tim Meadow's impression of the Boo-Yah! king on Saturday Night Live and whether or not he imitated this independent blink.

There's something missing here. None of the other sports blogs I visit turned up results for "Stuart Scott Eyes" so there's still a fear that I'm knocking him for some disorder I don't know about. In my defense I'd argue I'm not mocking him, I'm just saying it's distracting as hell.

For those who've yet to notice this, get ready to look for it every time Scott is on ESPN. It'll be just like that time everyone told you Drew Barrymore talked out of the side of her mouth and all you did was watch her mouth every time she spoke.


Blacky said...

"Stuart's eye has also been the focus of attention at various points of his career. There are several theories about how he had hurt his eye, but Stuart was injured on April 3, 2002[3] in Jets mini-camp when he was doing a special for ESPN. Towards the end of a day at camp against the coach's advice, Stuart instructed the person operating the JUGS Football Passing Machine to turn it up to full execution. He subsequently missed the football, striking him in the eye. He underwent surgery the day of the injury and was out of work for a couple months. [4]"

Mike O. said...

I don't know what's funnier: the fact he went against a coach's advice and got what he probably deserved OR the link to your username. Thanks, Ferny.