Sunday, May 10, 2009

Know Your Enemy

This is not about the new Green Day single, which coincidentally has been played more times than Brain Stew or Don't Stop Believin' combined.

The picture you see above is of the "water bug" I met in in my bathroom sink. It also bares resemblance to the one seen yesterday in the shower, and one found the day before in the kitchen.

It's a terrible drawing but I dare any of you to google water bug and see if you sleep at night. Thought so.

I'm tired of seeing these things every summer. I'm also tired of calling them water bugs when they're clearly cockroaches. Looks like a roach, of the roach family, it's a god damn cockroach. Calling them water bugs to soften the blow of seeing one does not work. "Oh, it's just a water bug, it's not a cockroach."

The next time you're half asleep and you see one of these motherfuckers sitting in the Dixie cup you use to brush your teeth with tell me if calling it a water bug makes any difference.

I can't wait to spray Raid and watch it not work. Nature's assholes win again.


The other pride of inglewood said...

How the hell do you have water bugs? Go to Lowes and get some god damn weather strips instead of sharing a bed with water bugs that have probably tea bagged you dozens of times in your sleep.

Anonymous said...