Thursday, June 25, 2009

Apples and Oranges.

Apple now offers R-rated content on iTunes and early estimates are showing the most popular downloaded application is 'Hottest Girls', a slide show of nude hotties. Unfortunately I don't own an iPhone or use iTunes so I can't fulfill my journalistic duty by seeing and using the application for myself. I'm not calling a liar, but you wouldn't want me to review a movie I havn't seen yet would you?

It's not hard to figure out why this app became so popular so fast. Who wants to read a six month old Home & Garden magazine while waiting for your name to be called at the doctor's office when you could be looking at a virtual PlayBoy. Nothing creepy about that, right?

How far Apple goes with R-rated content may depend on how many people continue to download applications like this one. So tell your friends that if they want King Dong or Whore of the Worlds on their iPhone, they'd better get downloadin'.

Unrelated note: Reviews of the aforementioned movies will be provided next week by IEC contributor David.


Anonymous said...

that is just too funny. i recently ran into some porn off a friends iphone. were you also aware of the thumbnail feature? thats how i saw it. you can put thumbnails of your porn on the iphone to direct to the one you desire. it was kinda weird for my friend and i, but now i just see him and laugh.


*oh and be sure to have all supplies (lotion and tissue) ready at your side when you do your review. lol

Anonymous said...
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