Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top 10 List: Real Men of Genius

It's been ten years since the first Bud Light Real Men of Genius commercial aired so without further adieu I bring you my very own Top 10 Best Real Men of Genius list (with some audio!):
  • #10: Mr. Baseball Designated Hitter [link]
  • #9: Mr. Fortune Cookie Fortune Writer [link]
  • #8: Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer [link]
  • #7: Mr. Indecisive Food Order Guy [link]
  • #6: Mr. Dishonest Cable TV Hooker Upper [link]
  • #5: Mr. New Shoe Tissue Paper Stuffer [no link]
  • #4: Mr. Basketball Court Sweat Whiper Upper [link]
  • #3: Mr. Professional Sports Leg Cramp Rubber Outer [no link]
  • #2: Mr. Pro Sports Heckler Guy [link]
  • #1: Mr. Rolling Cooler Cooler Roller [link]
Your own suggestions are welcomed, no matter how non-worthy they are of this top ten list. Also, do not submit your own creations. I have already written the best ones that Bud Light has yet to think of:
  • Mr. Refuses To Say God Bless You To Men's Sneezes Refuser
  • Mr. Eats Less Than Normal Around Hot Girls
  • Mr. Friend of Guy Who Got Kicked Out At Sporting Event Story Teller
  • Mr. Baseball Game Beer Spilling Spiller
Goodnight everybody!

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