Monday, August 3, 2009

Dodgers Channel Gas-House Gorillas

Dodgers had nineteen hits tonight and destroyed the Atlanta Braves on ESPN, 9 to 1.

I was reading John Kricfalusi's blog updates (he's the guy behind Ren & Stimpy; passionate about animation's history and innovative techniques) and I came across a post where he disected a few cells and scenes of Disney's 1936 cartoon, Toby Tortoise Returns. He does a great job at showing how each pose lands a message and sets the tone, which I never really thought about. Anyways, I found the video posted above when searching around for other old cartoons that were sports related so whether or not you enjoyed it doesn't really matter. I never knew what a Tea Totaller was until that reference. It's too bad this crappy retro ska band is using Gas-House Gorillas as their name. Be careful when clicking that link since music starts right away and if your volume is above 1 you may get an awful earful.

All of that had little to do with the Dodgers, so here is a picture that will make up for misleading you:

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