Friday, August 7, 2009

Extra Innings Courtesy Of Local Dimwit

I'm conflicted.

If you've ever watched a car chase you know exactly where I'm coming from. Some crazed lunatic driving a beat up 2003 Kia Sorento tries to lose the cops by driving on the wrong side of the road, jumps a curve, and comes to a popular intersection. Neighbors turned pedestrians watching the chase on television decide to go outside and cheer the driver on as he speeds through another light and pretends to slow down only to speed up once more.

Years ago I can remember local radio host Tom Leykis talk about some alert system he signed up for where it would let you know when a car chase was happening and what channel had the best view. Local newspapers reported more networks would abstain from broadcasting the chase to spare future phelons from fifteen minutes of fame. Not sure how true that is today.

For the second time this week a fan at Dodger stadium ran onto the field and for the second time it was not shown on television. Vin Scully's explaining the cause for pause as this idiot interrupts a critical point in the 9th inning. Great job distracting Broxton who by the way has only two saves over the last three weeks and needs all the concentration he can get. It's bad enough we have the reputation for leaving early, now we're staying until the 9th inning to run around like a douche bag on the field. Don't worry, no game going on here.

As much as I'd love to watch the fan being brutally tackled or beaten on television I'm also glad they don't show it (seeing it live is better anyway). I really wonder if these people are as naive as I was about running on the field before it was brought to my attention that 1.) You are jailed for trespassing, 2.) Fined thousands of dollars, and 3.) Banned from the stadium.

Not to mention you're the reason Broxton lost his groove and sent the game into extra innings.

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