Friday, August 14, 2009

Why You Should Subscribe To This Is Why You're Fat

Oreo cream centers removed and melted into a dip.

That's the latest from This Is Why You're Fat, a website that follows one simple outline: send us the most fattening, non-nutritious blends of innovative junk food and we'll post it for all to see. Everyone that I've shown the website to has since found at least one thing on there they've eaten before or wouldn't mind eating for the first time. Page after page, bacon strip after bacon strip, watch as your mood slowly changes from disgust to desire.

Each recipe can be categorized one of three ways: 1.) Those that are made simply for shock value and can't really be eaten, 2.) Those that are moderately-to-grossly overindulgent but still feasible food, and 3.) Those that are hilariously over-the-top stupid but possibly delicious.

My favorite are those that fall into the third category which include:
  • The Pizza Party - A DiGiorno pizza on top of a Jack’s pizza topped with Totino’s pizza rolls.
  • Bacon Wrapped French Toast Sticks Stonehenge - French toast slices wrapped in bacon and built to look like Stonehenge.
  • French Fry-Encased Hot Dog On A Stick - Hot Dog coated in french fries.
For all of us in California you'll feel right at home looking at pictures of In-N-Out's Animal Style Fries or Jim's Super Burgers D.U.I.. I still don't get how thousand island dressing on top of cheese on top of fries is anything but disgusting, but this is why we're fat. Those of you might remember that five months ago I visited our local landmark Pink's for America The Beautiful and lived to tell about it. Although I've yet to see it on TIWYF I'm sure it'll be submitted sooner or later. God bless America!

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