Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 & A Possible Rebirth

The eight, maybe nine, people who read this blog are close enough to me to figure out why I havn't updated the blog regularly since August of 2009. In summary, I'm with someone I love, I'm having more fun, and I'm doing more shit that makes me happy and takes me away from work. I didn't purposely give up on blogging (How dare you, Abel), my time was simply better spent elsewhere. All the rest of the details can be pieced together via my Facebook or Twitter pages as you may have read. With that said, I'll be making more of an effort to write here in 2010 because it's something I still enjoy doing. The blog will keep a similar form; I read/listen/watch things and comment on them in an entertaining way. I'll continue to post useless information and embarrassing stories about myself because they're funny and it just makes sense. By the way, if you can spell embarrassing without using spell check you are my hero. Thank you Firefox for removing the dotted red underlining from most of my words.

So until next time, here is a video I've been watching over and over and over...:

Oyasumi nasia!

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