Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips Luau BBQ: Good Source of Vitamin C

About 13 Hawaiian BBQ kettle chips provide 6% of your daily Vitamin C requirement. This is good news considering I'm almost done eating the entire 8oz bag all by myself. These are by far the best chips known to man kind and the description on the back proves it:

Discover a new world of flavor when you crunch into these crispy golden chips. Created one batch at a time to deliver the freshness and authenticity only found in Hawaiian Style Chips. Cooked to perfection, and seasoned to give you the authentic taste that only an open fire barbeque can give you. Open a bag of Hawaiian Style Potato Chips, and let yourself be swept away to a tropical paradise of beautiful sunset luaus. Mahalo.

It's too bad that Tim's Cascade Snacks is actually located in Algona, WA and there are no Hawaiian born employees on their payroll. Probably.

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