Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unemployment Fun Zone: Fast Food Frenzy

Welcome to the first of what I'm calling Unemployment Fun Zone. This column is the brain child of a consensus formed by the owner of the blog your reading and his delinquent friends and it will be dedicated to finding people the best things to do for little or no money. In the coming weeks, you'll learn how to see free movies, get free memorabilia that can be resold for 100 percent profit, and how to throw a party for less than twenty dollars.

For our inauguration and in honor of Jack in the Box's two taco giveaway on 11-16-10, I've decided to spotlight some of history's most recent fast food giveaways.

Fast-food chains are practically giving away food these days—that is, when they are not actually offering free food. I find myself having a weekly buck double from Burger King these days, de-lish!!! Think about this, who among us can forget how crazy the nation went during KFC's introduction of their grilled chicken? I remember my friends breaking the button on their mouse and seeing the forehead indentations on everyone's desk as they all tried to score that redeemable piece of paper that KFC server crashes made almost impossible.

Among the scariest free food giveaways, was Denny's free grand slam breakfast. This town riots for basketball victories, unjustified beatings and free food giveaways. That morning was no exception, the way we all watched the news to see hundreds of people form street stopping lines for two pieces of bacon and a stale pancake was mesmerizing. The last time I stopped to watch the news for that long was during 9-11.

My all time favorite giveaway is one few people know about, often times Chic -fil- a restaurants give a free breakfast or they do a bring your receipt back a month from now for the exact same thing for free. It's the best thing you could do for practically nothing but a few minutes of your time.

These gems of free food in the rough don't just serve as shameless promotions, they can be date time for high school kids, a weeks worth of lunches for starving students and just a great conversation piece.

- David N.

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IEC. said...

Every restaurant is guilty of this, but Jack in the Box is by far one of the worst at showing what these tacos will look like when you actually buy it and eat it. I can't remember the last time I saw an actual piece of lettuce in those things. It's too bad none of that will ever stop me from eating them because they fucking rule. Free tacos!