Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Didn't Blog The Fire

[Editor's Note: Albuquerque was great fun and you'll read more about it another time. For now, I'm back from vacation and ready to post something that Abel sent in 12 days ago. Apologies for the delay.]


This time around I'd like to talk about something kind of important, the Japan earthquake. Now before everyone starts to mutter how they didn't think I could be a bigger piece of shit than I already am, relax, I'm not going to crap on Japan. No, My anger is geared toward the lack of help the seem to be receiving from the world.

Japan has given this world so much over the years, amazing cars, sweet electronics like the gameboy and playstation 3, pokemon, mario bros, godzilla, and those really sweet horror movies that Americans decide to remake and ruin, as well as mouth watering food. Yet as I sit at home type this, four different channels are showing college basketball (go duke) but not one god damn telethon or even some really long commercial for red cross help has been shown. What the fuck America!

I don't see how Haiti, an island that looked like shit and a half to begin with, gets a telethon and millions of dollars raised for them, which I doubt have been put to good use. Meanwhile the most important contribution they've given the world is a third of the fugees. I'm not saying Haiti doesn't deserve the money, all I'm saying is that a country that's given the world so much deserves at least a couple of drums of lead paint to shield themselves from the radiation.

Where are all the god damn, tree huggers now?

I'm used to seeing craploads of them all piled into boat trying to save whales from being put to good use, yet when millions of people need help these dipshits are busy buying hybrids, American apparel scarves and fingerless gloves. Pussies. Perhaps after they're done shopping for organic vegetables they can come up with a plan to help and do something useful for a change.

What's that? Yes as a matter of fact I have done my part and donated money to the red cross. In your face!

Now with that said, me and my tax write off are out.

- Abel L.

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