Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chipping Away: Tapatio Flavored Doritos and Burger King Onion Rings

Daniel's candy review blog will never happen. In contrast, I'm back with my second review of flavored potato chips that will help you make better decisions when you're starved for salty goodness. Welcome to Chipping Away.

Tapatio Doritos: It was inevitable. Flaming Hot Cheetos have been around since at least 1995 and within the past few years we've seen Queso flavored Ruffles, Queso Jalapeno Ruffles, and Flaming Hot Funyuns and Cheeto Puffs. Tapatio flavored chips are the latest from Frito Lay as they continue their dominance in the spicy snack food market. At first bite the chips are more tangy than spicy, much like Snyder's Buffalo Wing flavored pretzel bites. The bag I got was powdered heavily, each chip more dusted in flavor than the last. At bag's end I was surprised that I wasn't in tears which means if you use Tapatio regularly on eggs, potatatoes, and tacos you don't have to worry about burning your mouth. There are no surprises here, it tastes exactly like you'd imagine. I can't see these getting the family sized bag upgrade, but for the $1 snack size they're definitely worth a try.

Taste Summary: Lots of Tapatio flavor, no big surprises, can be pretty spicy for non Tapatio users, best in small doses.
Odds of Heartburn: 15% for Tapatio users, 40% for non users.
Overall Grade: B+

Burger King Onion Rings: Borderline gross. Don't be tempted by the yellow clearance tag for these things at Rite Aid. The original price of $2.29 gets slashed to $1 with your Wellness Rewards Card but you will feel anything but well after eating them. Avoid at all costs. Burger King promises they taste just as good as the fresh ones. Not true. Instead, you get a bunch of puffed up corn meal that is covered in dried minced onions.

Taste Summary: So much dried minced onion, over salted to the tenth degree.
Odds of These Becoming More Popular Than Funyuns: -135,887%
Overall Grade: C-

'Til next time, stay chippy.

- Mike O.

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