Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As much as I'd like to provide a more specific date or time, I just can't. My memory is more often than not absent of many key details and there are many who can vouch for that. Knowing my limitations, I can tell you that it was at least a few years ago when I attended over ten local wrestling events at The Allen Theater in South Gate, CA. Attendance varied, anywhere from 80 to 150 people got to see a good live show complete with all the drama and trash talking you'd expect. Some of the best matches involved a wrestler by the name of El Gallinero who wore a luchador mask and performed some insane high flying stunts. His introduction music into the ring was some Spanish house music that I had to have. Some time after, I can't remember how I found it or if Daniel sent it to me, but I found the music video for the song on YouTube. The video is bizarre, entertaining, and probably annoying to those (Veronica) who have been forced to hear the song repeatedly. At some point during a work day in what I think was 2008 I played the video for a friend at work. He laughed, shook his head, and a day later gave me the nickname Gallinero. He called me that at work, at his wedding, and even at the baby shower last year where I shared a beer with him so he wouldn't have to suffer through the event alone.

Rest in peace, Jose Andrade. You will always be remembered.

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