Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jingle Jingle Jingle

With just two hours until most of Los Angeles visits a Catholic church for midnight mass I think now is the time to finally step away from getting pwned in Call of Duty to spruce up the joint.

*spruce spruce*

The year shaped up nicely. The Dodgers will be McCourt-less in 2012, I survived another year of retail turmoil, and my girlfriend (now fiancee) of two years said she's up to the challenge of dealing with my forgetful squirrel-like attention span and deplorable kitchen sink sponge habits for an eternity (awww.)

Man. I love this part of It's A Wonderful Life. George Bailey goes nuts on Uncle Billy and pulls him up by his jacket collar to yell at him, then he just flipped out on his kids, threw a bunch of stuff around in their living room and the youngest one is crying at the piano. I have closed captioning on which made it even better:

Oh daddy. ... [sobbing]

Sorry about that. Anyways, as I was saying, 2011 was a lot of fun. I didn't have to get any more gallbladders taken out, there were no major car accidents, we moved into a new place, lost some weight, gained a little back over these past two weeks, got some really cool Christmas presents, spent some quality time with old friends when I could, found an ice cream fudge bar that I like, sold a ton of stuff on eBay for decent money, destroyed friends and family on WordsWithFriends, ate some zucchini, flew to Albuquerque, renewed my license, broke away from Facebook, and last month I finally completed Fallout: New Vegas.

Here's to a all of you having a great holiday. 'Til next time.

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