Sunday, November 23, 2008

Black Friday IV: Insignia's Revenge.

For anyone who hasn't worked in retail, Black/Green Friday is the grandest day of the year for employees to celebrate the following:
  • Trampled Citizens
  • Use of the Phrase "Bait and Switch"
  • First dibs on hiding that FOX Television series on DVD that's $20/$30 cheaper behind a cabinet OR behind a Special Interest DVD nobody wants
  • Stolen Cars in the Parking Lot
  • Stolen Items from Cars in the Parking Lot
  • Stolen Cars, And The Items Bundled With Them
  • Work Breaks, On Time, and Often Longer/More Frequent Courtesy of Your Sympathetic/Distracted Manager
  • Frustrated Old People (Why are they here?)
  • That Guy Who's Complaining At Customer Service Because It Took 23 Minutes To Find A Parking Spot (Also, his car was stolen)
  • The Employee Break Room Filled With Employees You Never See Any More And Hope To Never See Again
  • That Manager You Hate Trips Over Something
  • The $14.89 Price Difference of Same Item At Local Competitor
It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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