Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chinese Democracy: No Review, I Promise

Today marked the release of Chinese Democracy by Axl Rose or Guns 'N Roses or whoever the fuck you want to credit. The point is, you've already seen and heard enough about what other people think, and since I listened to the official release earlier I'll spare everyone the tedious review of the album's music content.

Instead, here's a great slice of rant simply about the artwork, straight from buddyhead:

"In case you’re in so far in denial that your brain refuses to process the image that your eyes are sending to it, it’s a picture of a fucking bike. You know, if I were a Guns ‘N Roses fan as opposed to someone who sometimes refrains from switching the radio station when “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child Of Mine” come on, I’d be pretty pissed off, especially if I’d just spent an enormous chunk of my life waiting for this release. It’s like Axl’s saying “Hey guys, thanks for sticking around for seventeen years while I continually pushed the limits of how far I could fit my head up my own ass. Here’s a bike!” Not only that, but as someone who actually has professional experience with graphic design, I can truthfully say that no one worth their paycheck would have designed a layout like that, the subject matter of the photo aside. Not only did they pick a typeface that makes Comic Sans look interesting by comparison, but they even added an outline to it. Yeah, that always looks great! I guess after all the millions of dollars that were flushed down the toilet invested in making this album, they could only afford to hire some 75-year-old grandmother who just taught herself how to use Print Shop and enjoys designing inspirational cards for her church friends.Let’s face it, since we’ve already heard the vast majority of Chinese Democracy, pretty much the only thing left to really look forward to was the artwork. Not that any cover art wouldn’t have been at least a little disappointing, since nothing could possibly live up to the hype this album has generated, but this is ridiculous."

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