Monday, December 8, 2008

Festivus: Only 15 Days Away

I finally finished reading Leslie Nielsen's The Naked Truth, no doubt one of the funniest things I've ever read. He cowrote the book with two other writers who helped make this more than the verbal slapstick you might expect. Anyways, the next book I'm working on is authored by one of the writers from Seinfeld, Daniel O'Keefe's The Real Festivus. It seems like a quick read, but so far the first few pages have delivered the funny. Here's an excerpt of the intro:

"So you think the holiday known as Festivus involves a metal pole, do you? Feats of strength? Commercial breaks? WRONG. That's just the television version. Because a network audience couldn't possibly have handled the real thing. A family huddled around a table by candlelight one random evening a year, eating and drinking too much, singing in German about a black pig, bitching about people who didn't like them into a barely functional tape recorder, and displaying obscene, hand-scrawled signs of a political nature.

But if you go beyond simple belief, if you are one of those lost souls who, captivated by the television portrayal of Festivus, actually celebrates the damn thing.. .what's up with that? Don't get out of the house much, do you? Maybe you should get a pet or a hobby or something.If you don't already have forty cats in your studio apartment,which will eat your eyes when you die, alone."

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